Kočevje Spotlights Sustainable Future in Engaging Youth Forum (WP4- Slovenia)
24 April 2023

In a bustling two-day forum in Kočevje, local leaders, educators, and students convened to propel the municipality towards a sustainable and inclusive future. Deputy Mayor Andrej Mladenović, alongside key figures from the Business Incubator and People’s University, showcased initiatives aligning with the European Green Deal’s vision for a climate-neutral continent.

The first day featured the innovative “Konstrukta,” a wooden toy symbolizing green values and education. Day two shone a spotlight on Kočevje’s youth, with high school students advocating for environmental stewardship through the GRETA project and showcasing their ingenuity in a recycled textile knitting workshop.

The event culminated in a showcase of the region’s green tourism, including a tour of the Kocjančič Organic Farm and the Eagle Trail, emphasizing the importance of preserving natural habitats.

With a focus on community collaboration and green innovation, the forum encapsulated the spirit of Youngdeal’s commitment to environmental and educational excellence.