YOUNGDEAL: Young people’s responses to COVID19 by Green Deal is a European network of cities that aims to reflect on a new, citizen-oriented, equality-promoting, forward-looking and constructive narrative for Europe that is more attractive to the younger generation. In this respect, YOUNGDEAL will work with Europe’s younger generations to reflect on the future of Europe after the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on local communities in relation to the green transition and the sustainable development goals of Agenda 20.

The project will organize 8 thematic international project events in the 8 different countries. The 8 events will be arranged in the home towns of the project partners: Provincial Council of Alicante (Spain), Balkan Agency for Sustainable Development , representing the Municipality of Tran (Bulgaria), Municipality of Karkag (Hungary), Municipality of Cervia (Italy), Municipality of Panevėžys (Lithuania), Autokreacja Fundation, representing the Municipality of Warsaw (Poland), Municipality of Amarante (Portugal), Podjetniški inkubator Kočevje (Slovenia).

In relation to the CERV programe main objectives, YOUNGDEAL will encourage cooperation between 8 different municipalities and the exchange of best practices in relation to civic participation, youth participation, youth volunteering and green transition.

Furthermore, as requested in the CERV programe, the programmed activities will include conferences, workshops, open discussions, debates, but also some alternative and more dynamic activity in order to create a stimulating environment: role playing games, creative LAB, open cine-forums, geocaching, photographic tour, etc.

The specific objectives of YOUNGDEAL will be:

    • Increase the citizen participation of young people around the ecological transition to overcome the current social crisis caused by the covid19;
    • Discuss and reflect on the role that young people play in the ecological transition and in defining the future of Europe;
    • Exchange experiences and ideas between young people from different European cities and realities to build solid arguments about the future of Europe and the ecological transition;
    • Increase the awareness of young people about their civic responsibility about the current crisis and their role as agents of change;
    • Deepen the role of European citizens and cities in achieving the objectives of the European Green Deal and the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

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