Amarante Embraces European Collaboration for Sustainable Development (WP5, Portugal)
20 June 2023

In the picturesque city of Amarante, Portugal, European collaboration took center stage as local leaders and experts convened for a crucial meeting on sustainable development in the framework of the european projecte Youngdeal.

Kicking off with a welcome speech by the mayor and the councilor for Youth, the importance of European projects in local and unified European development was underscored. The president’s address set the tone, emphasizing the pivotal role of sustainable measures adopted by the Municipality of Amarante.

Dr. Adão Ribeiro, a technical expert on European projects, highlighted Amarante’s strides in sustainable transformation, backed by European community funds. Eng. Bruno Cunha and Eng. Luís Marinheiro followed with an insightful discussion on the European Green Deal and Amarante’s Climate Action Plan, aligning municipal efforts with national climate policy goals.

Participants also enjoyed a cultural immersion with a guided tour of Amarante, exploring the city’s integration of the environment into everyday life, with the Tâmega river and the surrounding mountains of Marão and Aboboreira as picturesque backdrops.

The second day of the event saw a visit to the Trilho das Azenhas, illustrating the conservation efforts along the riverbanks and the enhancement of biodiversity through natural stabilization and engineering techniques.

Dr. Rosário Machado later presented on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, showcasing Amarante’s initiatives towards the 17 SDGs. A collaborative workshop followed, with participants identifying and sharing sustainable measures from their respective countries.

The afternoon was spent exploring innovative methods for maintaining environmentally sustainable sports surfaces, presented by Eng. Gonçalo Leite and Jorge Martins at the Futebol Clube de Amarante.

The event concluded with a planning session for future meetings and travel arrangements, highlighting the interconnectedness and shared commitment of European partners towards a greener future.